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20160405_051822Introducing our line of High Quality handcrafted Soaps.20140703_1220160311_012354Castille Basil Essential Oil Soaps. 100 gr Bars.

Basil(Basilicum occimum) The authentic Essential Oil used in our formulations is said to be a natural antibacterial.

Traditionally considered to be very helpful in case of mild skin infections, acne, boils and other non-viral anomalies.

  1. OUR SOAPS ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT : Dandenong Market.20160319_153108Goody’s Nuts.
20160304_151951AT THE AFRICAN SHOP.IMG_1680Vanity Court Dandenong. Melbourne Australia 3175

20160307_210439Shea Buter-Castille Soap.100 grams (approx)

Scented with Lavander (Lavendula angustifolia) Essential Oil.

A wonderful skin conditioner and moisturiser,  useful for dry and oily skin types alike due to its well balanced PH.

*Now available at the Vanity Court Shopping Centre 200 Thomas Street Shop 12 through Lonsdale Street Dandenong Victoria Australia.

Mob 0411375285 Typically relplies within a few hours.


 Scented with Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oils   


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